How to Create Amazon Affiliate Niche Site from Scratch and Make Money Online?

Do you want to make money through the Amazon affiliate niche site? That’s not a bad idea. Even, this topic is getting the most attention in affiliate marketers’ minds now these days. You can indeed generate huge earnings for a long time by creating a niche site.

Now, what comes to your mind at first? Let me guess! Maybe, you’re thinking about, what is a niche site and why is it so popular, and what are the benefits of a niche site?

Let’s find the answer.

What is a niche site?

A niche site is a categorized-based site that is built with a certain topic in mind. In a niche site, a publisher chooses only one small topic from a broad category and puts some high-quality content to share with audiences.

Why niche site development is so popular?

The main reason niche site development is gaining vast popularity; is the competition. When you want to grow popularity and earn money using a broader niche site, you’ll find a huge amount of competition. But when you choose a specific niche, the amount of competition is surely less.

What are the benefits of a niche site?

There are a lot of benefits to a niche site. Let’s see some of the cool benefits you can get after creating a niche site.

#1. The first benefit is, that it’s inexpensive.

Creating a niche site is very simple. Even if you’re working alone, you can create a niche site within 3-6 months by yourself which will generate income.

How to create an Amazon affiliate niche site from scratch at a low cost?

You don’t need to buy high-quality shared, VPS, cloud, or managed WordPress hosting space to host your site.

A hosting plan like HostGator offers – $2.75/month is enough to make an Amazon affiliate niche site successful.

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Because your site will face competitively fewer security-related problems. And, you can earn enough money from a small number of targeted visitors to a country like the USA, Canada, or the UK.

You don’t need to hire professionals to maintain your site on regular basis.

A niche site doesn’t require premium themes or plugins too. Because you can build a high-quality niche site on a default WordPress setup.

#2. The second benefit is faster results.

As the niche sites are targeted keyword-related, after collecting all the keywords from the niche sites; few of them easily ranked on the search engine’s first page because of their low competitive nature.

It means if you can publish high-quality long-tail keywords-based content regularly on your single niche-based site, and do keyword research properly before every content niche selection and content creation; you can rank your website faster. That’s the main cause of niche sites are effective for faster results.

#3. The final benefit is long-term passive income.

You don’t have to work for a niche site all day long. You may need some months or you can manage a certain time of day or a week to create a quality niche site.

If you put up some effort for some months and can rank your site on Google SERPs; you may have a chance of lifetime passive income.

Now, that we know what a niche site is, let’s talk about how we can use a niche site for Amazon affiliate marketing.

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The best way of earning money using Amazon affiliate marketing is by building an Amazon niche website.

Those who earn thousands of dollars from Amazon affiliate marketing use their specific niche-based websites.

Even you can easily achieve this target. We all can. What we need, is just some effort, hard work, and some time.

Let’s talk about how we can earn money from an Amazon niche website in this step-by-step guide given below.

How to choose the best niche for an Amazon affiliate site?

Selecting your niche is the most important part of creating your site. The success of your site depends on it.

There are more than ten million products on Amazon. There are a lot of categories of products too.

You have to consider three important things when you’re selecting the niche.

The first is profit.

You have to select your niche carefully so it can return a nice amount of profit.

All products don’t give you the same profit percentages on Amazon. The range starts from 0.2% to 10% on a product.

The second is knowledge.

You need to know what you’re doing. Or else, you can’t write good content or an information-rich review article of your selected niche product.

The third is interest.

You need to enjoy what you’re doing.

Then you’ll find your tasks more interesting. Otherwise, maybe after some months, you’ll feel like writing content for your niche site is a liability to you.

How to Create Amazon Niche Site from Scratch?

There are five important steps to set up your website.

1. Select your domain

A niche website’s domain should be representing a brand. The name of your domain needs to be small yet memorable.

For example, if you’re opening a site about dresses, you can use the word “dress” in your website name. Maybe dressgeeks, dressarena, dressnation, dressupforyou would sound smooth.

2. Select your Theme

Theme plays an important role while creating a site. One good theme can be customized even by a non-technical person. The theme is important to make your site faster, mobile-friendly, and SEO Optimized.

The themes that are best known for niches are ultimate Azon, authority Azon, clipper, etc.

3. Landing page builder

In the marketing world, a landing page means a special page that helps you to increase your page conversion.

This landing page is different from other pages and posts. The tool we need to create landing pages is called a landing page builder.

You can use a popular landing page builder (e.g. Elementor) for the pages or posts which are the most profitable and money-making articles on your site.

A landing page builder helps a site developer to make a specific post or page; more eye-catching, user-friendly, and dynamic.

4. Plugins

In simple words, plugins are something that adds up an extra feature on your site. There are a lot of plugins you can use which will help your site with many things.

Yoast SEO, jetpack, EasyAzon, social locker, Akismet, etc. are some of the best plugins to use on an Amazon niche site.

5. Add important pages

You need to use some important pages on your site. Like, such as the about page, contact page, affiliate disclaimer page, privacy policy page, etc.

The best SEO strategies you need to use in your amazon affiliate niche site to achieve success

Keyword research

Identifying the keywords that people use to search on search engine result pages (SERPs), and that are relatively in the same category as your niche site is called keyword research.

If keyword research isn’t done properly, it can affect your earnings a lot.

By selecting a low-competitive long-tail keyword for your content, you can easily rank a specific article or post or a product review article on SERPs.

That is why keyword research is so important to increase the number of visitors to your site too.

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Write niche-based content

You need to write niche-based content on your Amazon affiliate niche site. You can post a single or a list of best products review, comparisons, and information content.

The ideal length for amazon’s affiliate product review article is more than 2000+ words.

If you want to beat your competitors, information-rich niche-based content writing is the most important part you need to do from start to finish of Amazon niche site-building.

And you have to do it after proper study and research on your selected niche product too.

Contents that are written based on the writer’s own experiences can easily own the reader’s credibility so that they get inspired to purchase through your provided Amazon affiliate link.

Product reviews can make you earn a lot of money if done accurately.

So, if you want to write the best review article for a specific product, either use it. Or, read some reviews thoroughly of the selected product published on the internet before.

Write about your experiences honestly using the selected Amazon product so that it attracts visitors. And obviously, you need to recommend to your audience the best products.

This will increase the probability of converting visitors’ interests into sales.

Promote your content

The best way of promoting a niche website’s content is SEO and SEM. Because every niche website’s most traffic comes from Google.

You can target other search engines and social media (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram) too. Social media plays an important role nowadays to grow followers and visitors to a website.

Generally, amazon affiliates have only a few niches that are too competitive. If you do keyword research nicely and write good content, then you may rank even without high-quality SEO work.

Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization is the way you can increase your earnings from the same traffic or earn more by increasing traffic.

As an example, if your website’s overall conversion is 2% and you’re earning 5000$ a month, increasing its conversion to 3% can increase your earnings up to 2500$.

There are many ways to optimize conversions. Such as,

Target the right keywords, (e.g. how to, best, price, updated, top ten, under 50 dollars, under 100 dollars, etc.)

You can use affiliate links in the middle of the articles.

It’s a good idea to use a call-to-action button, etc. with an attractive layout.

Scale your affiliate website

If your niche website starts to earn more than 1000-2000 dollars, this is the time to leap for more.

Invest some money in your site. Buy some paid themes to make your website look more beautiful than ever.

Buy some powerful plugin tools. Spend some money on Search Engine Optimization. Analyze, how you can increase your traffic and your earnings.

Write content more frequently. If you can’t manage time, hire content writers.

Acquire high-quality backlinks. A backlink is a link that makes a bond between one website with another. The more you have inbound backlinks, it will act as the most highly effective strategy of SEO.

You can start and use your YouTube channel too to promote your site.

How is it possible?

Just put your Amazon affiliate niche site link on the descriptions of published videos.

Amazon policy

Amazon is very strict with its policies. If you want to keep your amazon affiliate account safe and keep working for a long time and make money, then you need to understand the policies of Amazon and follow them accurately.

Amazon has many policies. Here are a few of them given below.

You can only promote amazon on your website and social media.

Can not go for direct email marketing.

You can not copy any pictures or any content from amazon.

If you buy something using your affiliate link, it violates Amazon’s affiliate marketing policy.

That’s all for today. Hopefully, I will write more articles about tips and tutorials regarding Amazon niche site-building and earn money through Amazon niche sites within a few days. Stay connected and stay at home.

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