How to start a freelance writing career with no experience?

Do you want to build a freelance writing career or want to make money online as a freelance content writer? Do you pass your free time in this Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) affected global condition staying at home alone and thinking; about how to start a freelance writing career with no experience and make money online by writing articles or short stories?”

You’re interested to earn money through writing articles. But, a little bit confused thinking about how to get started and how to begin freelance writing?

Where do you get and how to start online writing jobs or content writing jobs? And, how to get paid after finishing work? If these questions keep you busy, this article is for you.

Here, I will discuss the 5 best and easy steps to make money writing from home with detailed guidelines.

The 5 best and easy steps to make money writing from home
The 5 Best And Easy Steps to Make Money Writing From Home

Read the whole article carefully and follow the instructions given here. Hopefully, you can reach your answer very easily.

How to Start A Freelance Writing Career with No Experience in 2023

First of all, let’s try to know –

What is Content Writing and who is called a Content Writer?

The various elements published on the website such as information, pictures, videos, and animations are called content. The person or organization involved in creating these is called a Content Writer or Content Creator.

If you write an informative article, story, or news to be published on a website, then this work of yours will be called content writing.

How to start a freelance writing career in 2023?

First of all, today I will try to give you some ideas about how to begin freelance writing or how to start a freelance writing career as an important part of the content writing to make money online.

How to begin freelance writing?

Making money by writing articles or stories is not an easy task. On top of that, if you want to choose the job of writing an article as a profession, then you must have done the necessary preparation for it well.

But let’s try to know, what steps you have to take to begin freelance writing or article writing career.

The 1st (first) step –

#1 Make it a habit to read magazines

Decide in which language you want to write the article first.

Try to know the grammatical rules of the language correctly to increase your knowledge of the language.

Then read the articles published in the editorial pages of different magazines regularly and keep on practicing writing informative articles arranged like them.

The advantage of doing this is that your vocabulary will be enriched. This habit will be very useful, especially if you want to earn money by writing articles in English.

Step 2 –

#2 Read better blog content or articles published in regular online blogs

As you may have noticed, articles published in magazines are not the same as articles published in online blogs. The language style, the presentation, the use of information, everything is arranged differently.

For this reason, to earn money by writing articles, it is necessary to read the articles published in online blogs regularly.

Keep reading articles published on blogs that are relevant to the topic you want to earn money from.

You can also read articles on various topics in various Q&A-based forums (such as

Step 3 –

#3 Create your portfolio blog

Create a portfolio blog and publish what you are reading and trying to write, learn or acquire ideas.

On the About Me page of the blog, clearly state the purpose of creating your blog and the information that you are a freelance content writer and willing to earn money by writing articles online.

Don’t stop writing 2 to 4 days or 10 to 20 articles.

Keep writing regularly. This will have three benefits.

# 1. Your blog will generate visitors and for the benefit of those visitors, your blog will have the opportunity to earn some extra money online through Google AdSense,, Ezoic Advertising Network, or Affiliate Marketing.

# 2. The quality of your writing will gradually increase.

# 3. The next time you apply to get an article writing job in various online marketplaces, interested employers will judge your work and the quality of the published article.

If your writing meets the criteria for judging them, then you don’t have to use a strategy to get the job of writing an article that needs to attract the attention of employers. They will take the initiative to contact you to create their content.

I do not want to spend money to create a blog!

If you want to start a free blog then you can try the alternative option too.

Start answering questions correctly and informatively at Also, create Quora Space and keep answering various questions there. Make sure your answers are logical, informative, and above 1000 words.

By doing this you will gradually build a lot of followers. Later on, you will get contacts of interested persons from those followers who will gladly invite you to do their work on their initiative in return for attractive honors.

You can also create a free blog using if you wish.

You can read the article – how to start a blog for free and make money online to know more about how to create a free blog and earn money online.

Preparations are over. What’s Next?

Step 4 –

#4 Create a LinkedIn profile for connecting with professionals

You must have heard of LinkedIn. This is a popular website created for professionals to connect and maintain social contact online.

Don’t think that it’s a social media like Facebook or Twitter. It is designed to maintain communication between professionals. Rather it is responsible for creating and maintaining a completely different stream of communication with its users.

LinkedIn has become an important tool for working people around the world to exchange job and business-related information, create job opportunities, and choose jobs or careers of choice for job seekers and interested recruiters. That’s why LinkedIn is called a Professional’s Network.

You can also create a profile to be part of that network.

Enter the address of your blog in your profile. Make it clear in your profile that you are interested in freelance content writing and are open to work.

Not only that, publish some well-written articles on LinkedIn as proof of your qualifications. Don’t forget to share links to your articles that are published outside LinkedIn too (e.g. your personal or portfolio blog or social media).

You will be glad to know that there is a greater chance of getting a job offer through LinkedIn which is not easily getable from various online marketplaces (e.g. UpWork, Fiverr, etc.)

Even, most of the outsource-rs now these days read job seekers’ LinkedIn profiles carefully before hiring someone.

Step 5 or last step –

#5 Create profiles in different online marketplaces

If you can complete all the above steps successfully, then it is safe to say that you have qualified yourself enough to create profiles directly in different online marketplaces.

So, create a profile on,,, and without delay.

Include your credentials on your profile page (if any; eg. certificates, testimonial, work experience, scanned image) with a complete description of what kind of work you want to do, personal blog address, the link to the LinkedIn profile, and some sample preview of your work.

Finally, find out the job post of the job recruiters on your chosen topic and bid on it. (Applicable to and,, etc.).

One thing to keep in mind, there is no substitute for patience if you want to get a good job online. Not that you will get the job as soon as you bid. In most cases, this does not happen.

Because no one believes newcomers. But if you try to get the job done by completing the above steps correctly, hopefully, you will not have to wait long to reach an attractive position in terms of finding a job and earning money online by writing articles.

So in conclusion, I want to say once again; stop wasting time thinking about how to start a freelance writing career or how to begin freelance writing. Just keep your total focus on how to get started freelance writing and do proper preparation for that.

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