How to Make Money from Google AdSense without Paying Anything

Every single beginner in the blogging industry has this dream of earning money through Google AdSense. I know, you are not exceptional, and I want to do the same. You do not need to be an internet marketing expert to make money from Google AdSense. Let’s start to find out the answer which is now a million-dollar question these days, “how to make money from Google AdSense without paying anything in Bangladesh 2022 using a self-hosted blog or without a website too?”

Google AdSense is a web application of Google. It’s a dividend partnership project that enables publishers involved in a Google-approved AdSense program to monetize or make money with Google AdSense Ads used on the publisher’s website or various mediums (e.g. YouTube, Android Applications, etc.).

Dividend Partnership means; Google involves individual web blogs or YouTube publishers in the AdSense program and pays 68% of the money they receive from various merchants in exchange for their advertising campaigns.

How to earn money from google in Bangladesh in 2023?

Do you want to know how to earn money from google without investment through Google AdSense? The answer is not so complicated.

The owner of a website may, under certain conditions, earn money from AdSense by displaying Google-assigned ads on his website or blog.

Suppose you have displayed AdSense ads in different parts of your website. If the visitor of your website sees the content displayed in that ad and clicks on it, then you will get money according to the CPC (Cost Per Click) rate of that ad.

Note: The method of making money through AdSense is a 100% reliable and universally accepted approach.

How to display Google AdSense Ads on a website and make money online?

By joining the Google AdSense program, you can earn money online by displaying ads in three ways.

  1. Display ads on Non-hosted blogs or website

Displaying ads on Non-hosted or self-hosted websites is the most popular and successful way to earn money by joining the Google AdSense program online.

A Non-hosted blog or website uses private hosting servers. They didn’t use Google’s web hosting services. That’s why they are called Non-hosted blogs or websites.

This method is most effective for making maximum money from Google AdSense.

Because by doing this, while maintaining complete control over your website, you can earn money by placing AdSense ads on any part of your web page.

How to earn money through Google AdSense without investment or paying anything?

  1. Google Hosted Blog or

If you wish, you can create a blog site for bloggers using Google’s free hosting service and make money online by linking that site to the Google AdSense program.

This service is very useful for those who are entirely new and beginners in the blogging world.

Because, if you wish, you can use the free hosting service of Google, such as creating a blog and publishing it in it, you can take the basic ideas of website design and development.

In the same way, your blog will allow you to make extra income from home without investment.

Make money with Google AdSense without a website

  1. YouTube channel

Currently, the most popular way to make money with Google AdSense without a website is to open your own YouTube channel.

After making a YouTube channel you have to link it to the Google AdSense program to make money by adding AdSense ads to the videos of that YouTube channel. This is called YouTube AdSense monetization.

How to join Google AdSense Program?

To join the AdSense or AdSense program, you must create your own personal or institutional blog or website, or YouTube channel by following Google’s program policy.

Read Google AdSense Program Policies for more details – AdSense Program Policies

Here are some important AdSense program policies for your convenience.

Your website or YouTube channel must have at least 5 to 6 published article or video which is not stolen or copied from any other website.

How to get fast approval from Google AdSense for non-hosted blogs or websites?

Your website needs to be well-designed. Articles should be sorted by content category.

No other company’s or advertising network’s ads can be displayed on your website. Because Google does not give AdSense approval to that site if it has an ad from a competitor.

Must have a top-level domain (.com, .net, .org), not a free site or subdomain.

Adult content, copyright content, hacking content, crime, illegal, and drug-related content cannot be kept.

It is better if the age of the domain is at least 3-4 months. However, if your website is standard, the time I have seen it many times is not under consideration.

For example, I received a blog within 1 day of applying for AdSense approval. At that time the domain was only 15 days old.

If you have been able to create your blog by following the AdSense program policy properly, apply for approval today without further delay by following the link below.

Click here to apply to join the Google AdSense program

How to get AdSense blogger approval?

Eligibility for AdSense on blogger approval method is different.

If you want to get your blog which is hosted on blogger qualify for AdSense then you have to enter the Earnings tab from’s menu bar.

Find the section Show Ads on the blog and click on the Yes radio button on its right side to activate it.

Usually, when 5 to 6 quality articles are published on a blogger site; you will get this facility by entering the Earnings tab.

What additional qualifications do I need to get AdSense approval on

  1. To get AdSense approval on your Blogger or blog, your blog has to be at least 6 months old.
  2. Can’t publish images, informational images, or videos that reveal violence or nudity on the blog.
  3. You cannot use the free Google Hosting Service to host files or data.
  4. Need to publish at least 20 to 30 well-written articles on your blog.
  5. The blog needs to publish some information-rich pages like About, Contact Page, Privacy Policy, and Services Page.

How to get approved for Google AdSense YouTube?

To Google AdSense YouTube monetize or Google AdSense approval for YouTube, you have to meet certain conditions of Google.

Conditions for getting YouTube AdSense approval

  1. The YouTube channel must have at least one thousand subscribers.
  2. Watch time and videos uploaded by the channel will be viewed by the viewer for a total of more than 4000 hours.
  3. Someone else video cannot be uploaded directly to the channel for editing.
  4. A user can only apply for one YouTube AdSense account approval.
  5. The channel may not upload or display videos that violate the Google AdSense program policy.

How much does the Google AdSense publisher earn?

Making money with Google Ads on online blogs or websites depends a lot on the language used in that blog or website, its popularity, the presence of visitors, the quality of the articles, and the CPC rate of the keywords used in the papers, etc.

Language – If the content of your website is written in Asian Languages such as Hindi or Bengali, then it is reasonable to give up the hope of earning good money through a Google AdSense account.

Because the CPC and CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression) rates of Hindi or Bengali language articles and keywords are very low. Second, the number of visitors around the world who can understand the Hindi or Bengali language is also low. The average CPC rate of Hindi language content ranges from 0.01 to a maximum of $2.

On the other hand, if you want to earn good money through AdSense by writing a blog, you must create a good quality blog or website in English and write quality basic informative articles in it regularly.

Visitors – Another important factor in earning revenue by placing AdSense ads on a blog is the presence or popularity of visitors to the website.

Suppose you have published a lot of quality and informative articles on your website.

You also put AdSense ads in the blog according to the correct rules. But there are no visitors or visitors to your website.

So, how will it be making a good amount of money through AdSense?

So to ensure maximum revenue through AdSense you need to arrange to bring a lot of visitors to your blog?

How to increase direct traffic to your website?

The most effective way to attract numerous visitors to a blog or website is to bring organic visitors from popular search engines through search engine optimization or SEO.

Read- What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

And – 11 main strategies to increase visitors by search engine optimization.

Thus, if you can patiently write quality articles on a blog or website regularly. And if you can increase those visitors by SEO properly; there will come a time when you will be so happy to see your daily and monthly income reports on the AdSense dashboard.

How to withdraw money from your AdSense earnings?

Currently, it is possible to withdraw the money earned through AdSense through PayPal, check, or an online bank account.

However, since there is no PayPal service in Bangladesh, below is a discussion on how to withdraw the money earned using AdSense programs on blogs or websites only through bank transfer.

In this case, first, you have to add the information related to the current address in the AdSense account settings through your address verification.

If you have a $10 balance in your AdSense account, Google will send a PIN to your address.

That PIN can be verified by going to the PIN verification page of the AdSense account.

You can then add your bank account information to the Payment Settings page.

If your AdSense balance rises above $100, Google will transfer money to your bank account address within the last decade of next month.

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