How to Make Money Online through Quora and Medium Partner Program?

Have you heard of Quora and Medium Partner Program? Did you know that you can make money online through Quora; a very popular forum site based on online questions and answers followed by a large number of online communities.

How is that possible? Let’s find out the answer. But, before we get into the basics, let’s find out.

What are the differences between Quora and a Medium Partner Program?

The Quora Partner Program is not open to everyone. This partnership program is completely invitation-based.

You can’t join it if you want to. However, it is possible to create eligibility to participate.

It is not possible to understand clearly without explaining the matter.

Have you ever searched for anything on Google?

Suppose, you do a Google search, “How to earn money online from Quora?”

After searching, a result like an image below will appear in SERPs.

How to earn money from
How to earn money from

Notice, that the figure shows the most important answer in the first of the search results.

This is followed by a list of questions that match your question.

Notice – Below the first link is written –

People also ask –

Then a list of some questions is given.

The Quora Partner Program is directly related to displaying this list of questions.

Look at the first page of the SERPs. The most important questions in Google’s selection which are taken from are advertised by various advertisers on the Quora platform.

If you open the linked page of the answer which is taken from; you will see- an advertiser published an advertisement on that particular Q&A page on Quora in exchange for money considering the market value of that question.

Quora is making money from this kind of ad.

That’s why Quora authorities include a few quora users in their Quora Partner Program just to ask questions.

This does not mean that you can get involved just by asking a single question. To do this; you need to ask some questions that are truly meaningful and that a large number of people try to find answers to.

The Quora authority will invite you to participate in the Quora Partner Program if you can ask such kinds of questions which will be followed by a large number of audiences who want to get the answers.

As well as analyzing the popularity of your question and advertisers’ interests.

In this way, you can be selected and invited by quora to join their partner program.


How to earn money from Quora?

The answer is simple; if you are invited to join Quora Partner Program then you can earn money by asking top-quality questions.

Now let’s try to know something about –

Medium Partner Program

Medium is a publishing company of real writers.

Here you can earn money by joining the medium partner program and by writing creative writings thereafter.

To do that, you have to join Medium Partner Program.

You’re now ready to start publishing your stories enabling metered paywall settings selected while publishing your stories on medium.

After publishing your article on the medium platform, if the article is behind the medium metered paywall, then you will be paid based on exactly how much time they have read.

Apart from this, if a non-medium paid member or regular visitor read your article after searching on other sources like Google, Bing, or other search engines, the medium authority will not pay you a single penny.

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That’s all for today. Thanks for your time and patience.

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