Tools to Improve Content Writing Skills

Content writing is a vast topic and there is nothing like excelling totally. There is always room for improvement and criticism. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot be better at it. That means with constant practice and learning you can be the best version of yourself in content writing.

Tools for content writing can be valuable for smoothing out and improving your content creation endeavors. Utilizing the best tools around saves you significant time and permits you to remain fixed on content composition as opposed to going through hours on editing or making visuals.

A portion of the content writing tools are around improving your composition, increment clarity, helping you discover new substance thoughts, making delightful visuals, and getting you more coordinated.

There are a lot of content writing tools as the writing industry is vast and versatile. In writing an article, you need to do a lot of research, planning, and optimization of content before publishing it. In this article “Tools to improve content writing skills”, we will show you a few best content writing tools that would be helpful for aspiring content writers.

Applications and Extensions for Improving Your Content Writing Skills

We are going to mention the tools to enhance your writing skills as follows:

1. Productivity Tools

These productivities aka brainstorming tools will help you with your content and aid you with new ideas, organizing, and sharing them among the readers.

Here are some of our suggestions,

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

There are times when you are extremely indecisive in picking your content ideas. If you are a blogger, you constantly have to come up with new ideas for your content and sometimes it’s really hard even if the topic is right in front of your eyes. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator can assist you big time regarding this issue.

It enables you to enter up to three catchphrases, after which it will do its charm and think about a not-inconsequential summary of subjects that will be set up to use promptly or which will help point you the right way. Through this topic generator, you can generate a unique topic for your content in no time.


You might have some idea about the content you want to write. But don’t go with the first topic that comes to your mind instead do some brainstorming and come up with more unique content ideas. Ideaflip is a tool that can help in this regard.

Your scattered thoughts are put into a product idea through Ideaflip. It’s an amazing brainstorming tool that will give your perspective.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

While searching for keywords you sometimes get stuck and don’t get a way out that easily. To choose a catchy headline for your content, you can generate headlines from a tool named Portent’s Content Idea Generator. Despite producing rather oversimplified thoughts on occasion, they can influence you to change how you planned to convey your thoughts from the start.

To make a point, enter any word identified with your future blog entry into the hunt field, and it’s done! You can refresh the indexed lists on however many occasions depending on the situation until the point is an ideal counterpart for you.

Answer The Public

This is an interesting tool for gaining public perspective. If you want to know what people are looking for in content it’ll be easier for you to reach them. Answer The Public is such a tool. Understanding what readers need to know and how they’re asking is fundamental in guaranteeing your content coordinates with the purpose of genuine searchers.

Answer The Public is such a tool that takes any topic you suggest and brings back questions mentioned by the readers.

2. Editing, writing, and grammar Tools

Editing and correcting the style of your content makes it more approachable and adds aesthetic value. Editing and writing tools that will free your jumbled words from your content. We often make mistakes and grammar tools and editing tools mainly help you with these technicalities.

Here are some tools for that,


The readability of any content is the core of it. If the readers find it difficult to read and process then it will drive away many readers. Hemingway is an editing tool that is very popular among bloggers and writers for its text editing and improving specialty.

It features sentences and expressions that are excessively perplexing, proposes eliminating unreasonable verb modifiers, and transforms passive sentences into active voices. It resembles a spellchecker, however for the style. It ensures that peruses will zero in on the message, not battle through complex composition.


Who doesn’t know about Grammarly? It’s such a popular tool for writers, be they academics or professionals. It features sentences and expressions that are excessively perplexing and recommends disposing of adverb modifiers and transforming passive voice developments into active voice.

Moreover, the apparatus has record-style settings and even shows a book’s readability score. It has a counter appearance with an absolute number of words, characters, sections, and sentences so you can change a book’s construction if it needs clarity.

The editorial manager’s independent variant is accessible for PC and Mac. When you get done with altering, you can trade a record in a markdown or .html design. It also detects tone. Grammarly is an effective tool for writers. You can also buy a premium version of Grammarly and you can get them on various Instagram and Facebook pages.


StackEdit is an incredible device for changing over text into .html or duplicating it from WordPress, Google Docs, or Word without arranging or evolving. It is an in-browser markdown editorial manager made particularly for web scholars.

This device has numerous topics, designs, and alternate way mixes to redo your substance composing. It has a spell-checker that upholds numerous dialects, and you can synchronize it with Dropbox and Google Drive.

StackEdit additionally permits posting articles on WordPress, Dropbox, Tumblr, and Blogger in a markdown organization, .html, or with changed arranging to utilize the highlight layout motor. On the off chance that your Web association isn’t steady, dread not – this editorial manager has disconnected functionality.


Ilys is a device that can give you perhaps the most one-of-a-kind composing encounters you will at any point have. You should simply enter the desired word counts, and begin your writing magic. For content writers encountering a temporarily uncooperative mind when they need to draft a significant article, Ilys can be a valuable instrument.

An advancement bar and counter at the highest point of the screen show how far they are from arriving at the objective number of words.

Be that as it may, there is a trick: the application will just show the last letter you have composed, and you can’t make any alterations until you complete the process of composing. Sounds odd, however, it has exactly the intended effect.

Power Thesaurus

Each Search engine optimization content maker needs a decent thesaurus. Discovering equivalents and related terms can help you slaughter their ineffective importance without rehashing similar words again and again. Thesaurus is a free thesaurus application that doesn’t highlight any promotions since it is publicly supported, which will quickly make it one of your #1 tools.

What’s more, its UI is exceptionally smoothed out and rich, and the actual application is continually staying aware of the multitude of most recent advancements in phonetics.

Calmly Writer

Calmly Writer is an assistance tool that is a decent choice for notable content writers in situations when scholars need something much more smoothed out and basic that will help them center around the composition.

There are just the most content writing tools, like the capacity to embed various subheadings, statements, and connections. When the composition on this interface begins, all the diverting alternatives vanish.

Even though you might rush to go with Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Author as your promise to prepare for the use of the decision, they may not be the best arrangement. Indeed, they are unimaginably incredible, yet some of the time you need something significantly more smoothed out and straightforward that will help you center around your composition.

We suggest a smooth writing assistant. You get only the most fundamental substance-creating mechanical tools, similar to the ability to insert different subheadings, explanations, and associations, so you can zero in on getting all of your musings on the screen. Look at its “Center Mode,” which adopts this strategy to an unheard-of level, which makes everything foggy aside from the passage you are dealing with.

3. SEO and Promotional Tools

SEO Tools are so important because almost every content on the web is published keeping SEO in mind. It cannot be altered or compromised so these tools we’re going to mention are for optimizing your content for SEO and sharing and promoting them to the readers.


HootSuite is a stage for web-based media executives that makes planning and distributing posts a piece of cake. You can utilize its Instagram choices for booking your posts ahead of time, not agonizing over neglecting to distribute them. Hootsuite is a web-based media for the executives’ stage that covers pretty much every part of a social media administrator’s job.

With only one stage clients can do the straightforward stuff like cleric cool substance and timetable posts as far as possible up to overseeing colleagues and estimating return for money invested.


This tool helps you customize your browser’s push notification and make your personalized user adventure. Add settings to your mission and techniques with enriched push notifications. PushCrew empowers any site to send message pop-ups to its clients (in any event, when they are not on the site).

A basic JavaScript code makes it chip away at any site in under 2 minutes. It’s an awesome new choice for email promotion. PushCrew is an instrument in the Internet Pop-up messages classification of a tech stack. You get a lot of options like- Segmentation, Triggered Campaigns, CTA buttons, Welcome Drip Campaigns, and many more notification features.


Ahrefs is an enormous search engine optimization tool stash you can use to push your works toward the primary page in search. Running the biggest substance file, it finds what different devices neglect. 5 million posts a day is its record mark; nobody has outperformed at this point.

With an adaptable sifting framework, you can keep just significant themes on your radar. The rest can be sifted through by time, traffic, shares, alluding spaces, word check, and so on Each post accompanies social and Search engine optimization measurements envisioned on diagrams.

It will allow you to follow its good and bad times after some time. A portion of the different approaches to using Ahrefs Content Traveler are:

  • It can turn into your solid columnist for connection openings. You’ll see all the unlinked notices of your business or its vital columns in the dashboard, while cautions about new notices will go to your email.
  • If you run out of thoughts one day, you can practice your innovative muscle by keeping an eye on contenders’ lead content.


Yoast is such an amazing tool for SEO plugins, it gives you writing tips and tricks specific to optimizing your content for SEO. Even though there are as yet numerous discussions about the genuine worth of Search Engine Optimization for content, you need to in any case consider the keywords you peruse.

It doesn’t suggest that your blog substance ought to be overloaded with such hunt questions. In this manner, to comprehend whether you’ve enhanced your substance all around ok, utilize a Web optimization module like Yoast.

It incorporates catchphrase investigation, page content examination, and ideas on the best way to adjust it. The highlights additionally incorporate sitemap backing to help Google and Bing file your blog quicker.


Sniply is extraordinary in content curation and your general web-based media advertising strategy. Content curation is a fast and simple approach to showing your watchers that you are an industry expert. Sniply can give a backlink to your site, which is just progressive!

At whatever point you clergyman and spot a connection to some other site that hosts content you may discover valuable, Sniply will spring up and show a source of inspiration and a connection that leads back to your site. This apparatus is an outright pearl that you need to have in your stockpile.

4. Media and Editing Tools

Content without visuals is just blunt. Infographics, memes, videos, images, and many more visual contents are exciting and lively.


On the off chance that you need your substance to reverberate with your readers, you need to ensure it’s tastefully satisfying, as well as helpful and enlightening.

To satisfy the eye, you need to improve it with some visually beautiful sight, which is a difficult assignment for most substance makers, particularly if they don’t have any experience regarding visual communication.

The simple expectation to learn and adapt is the place where Canva sparkles, permitting you to make visual substance like introductions, banners, infographics, and cover pictures for the entirety of your online media accounts, because of its wide assortment of formats.

With regards to value, you can’t turn out wrong with Canva because it’s free! You read that right, you can utilize each Canva layout free of charge.


Snappa is a cloud-based design editorial manager for online media, individual, and promoting purposes. This makes visual substance simple without the utilization of complex instruments like those in Photoshop and other comparative picture-altering applications.

With Snappa, business visionaries and little groups can save time and money. There are many layouts for making illustrations to fit web-based media, pamphlets, and blog entries. The assistance professes to add high-goal photographs to its data set day by day.

Snappa stores illustrations you make and permits returning to your special crafts at whatever point you need to alter or re-utilize their plan components. To stick your fans to your web-based media page, Snappa offers to plan picture posts through its application.


Venngage is a data designing stage that gives a scope of b2b explicit formats, to work with conveying complex data inside and outside of your association, effectively and without a designer. There are numerous unpredictable visual computerization instruments out there. Yet, Venngage is a free online visual depiction device ideal for the non-planner.

For complex information perceptions, clients can look over various diagrams and chart formats that are not difficult to alter. For promoting material, clients will discover layouts for banners, flyers, handouts, online media headers and posts, and blog headers that they can customize.

Furthermore, for business content, there are formats for promoting and marketing numbers, white papers, item guides, introductions, and then some. Additionally, with a library of 20,000 novel symbols and admittance to eminence-free stock photographs, it’s not difficult to assemble something that looks proficient and clean.

Meme Generator

In today’s world memes are a source of entertainment and visual delicacy. On the off chance that you have a brain for telling wisecracks, there could be no more excellent decision for you than a Meme generator.

The key is to get the correct second and make a clever image either without any preparation or by utilizing existing layouts. Images have become a social marvel that you can use to start feeling and drive reach in web-based media. is a straightforward infographic creator that allows you to envision any sort of data. Make reports individuals will peruse. Zest up your next large show. Get more individuals to share your content. Designing an infographic to imagine certain information or an engaging message can be tedious.

However, the infographic is additionally worth the exertion since this sort of substance has been demonstrated to be exceptionally shareable whenever it progresses nicely. To improve on the interaction of its creation, offers numerous pre-made formats. You can add, eliminate and alter each infographic component in the manner in which you need it.

The apparatus permits applying a framework so you can situate each article or text evenly. After you make every one of the changes, you can download it as a .pdf. Should you need to change an all-around distributed infographic, simply head to your record and redesign it.


Camtasia has different incredible highlights that empower us to make exact recordings. In any case, Camtasia is an ideal screen recorder device, however, with its excessive cost amateurs can’t make a particularly huge investment.

Videos, and particularly video instructional exercises, are among the top-seen content on the Web. Yet, for your blog audience to view and share them, they should be great and tell the best way to accomplish an objective by following straightforward advances.

One of the devices appropriate for this reason for existing is Camtasia. It permits recording just those pieces of a screen you pick. After recording, Camtasia isolates sound, video, and receiver into independent editable tracks.

To concentrate on the main things, you can apply enhancements like bolts, text boxes, and features. You can circulate the video further through your favored channel like YouTube or Vimeo.

5. Planning Tools

To write contents you have to be organized and keep track of everything. Calendar, to-do list, file sharing, workflow organizing, and everything else you need to keep on track to be organized are going to be mentioned.


What can be superior to an online document stockpiling available from any gadget? Regularly you save records on your PC and later can’t help thinking about why you didn’t store them in your Google Drive.

With DropBox, you will not have these issues. Also, the apparatus is useful for trading recordings of huge sizes and working mutually on a similar show or post. With Dropbox, you can store your documents without worrying if you have saved them or not.


If you are a content writer you can relate to that, we depend intensely on our schedule application of the decision. It is home to all cutoff times, all gatherings, a lot of publication notes, and notes to self.

Rather than adhering to the predefined and preloaded Android, Google, or Apple alternative, attempt Woven – a booking application that can smooth out your day, week, and month in a simple-to-utilize way that is additionally satisfying to the eyes.

It accompanies adjustable formats which you can utilize over and over, planning joins you can impart to other people, just as gathering surveys as far as those gathering gatherings you should be aware of everybody’s assessment on.

Its investigation highlight will likewise help you recognize any planning struggle, and notice so many extra bustling days you realize will be very chaotic.


Trello is a cooperation apparatus that puts together your ventures into sheets. At a glance, Trello notices what’s being chipped away at, who’s managing what, and where something is in communication.

Separation your computerized cards with notes into four classes: thoughts, to do, doing, and done. Simplified the second their status has changed. The device has a natural UI and permits transferring records from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can likewise mark the calendar and time for when a card is “due”.

6. Inspiration and News Tools

After you have written any content then the next step is to promote it. Also, while writing content, you must take inspiration to keep up with the trends. Some inspirational and news tools are mentioned.


Pinterest is such a therapeutic site. You can look for inspiration on Pinterest any day. It has so much inspirational content and guidance that you can choose from. Pinterest is a visual revelation engine for discovering thoughts like plans, home and style motivation, and then some.

With so many pins on Pinterest, you’ll by and large find considerations to begin inspiration. Right when you discover Pins you love, save them to sheets to keep your considerations composed and easy to find.


With Feedly, you can generally remain mindful of the most recent news identified with your inclinations and space of ability. Feedly gives you the facility to make your feed by following web journals, definitive sites, and YouTube channels. You have to set keyword cautions for your blog, article, or name notices to realize who is discussing you.


Reddit is so helpful to be updated about today’s world. You can know about trending topics and burning topics. You can write about those things and also reach the readers’ queries.

You as a blogger will profit much from participating in its conversations, and can even go there for master counsel. Numerous bloggers and journalists utilize this stage to see which features get the most reactions from readers.

In Conclusion

As a content writer, various tools are needed for multiple purposes. Contents have no end and you have to come to us with new content that is creative and brilliant.

These tools that we have mentioned will no doubt be the best tools for any purpose. Tools to Improve Content Writing Skills, in this article you will get the most out of every field tool. Content writing tools will help you write excellent content with your creativity and the help of the tools that we mentioned.

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