Why should I Start A Blog in 2023?

There is everyone has something of a creative instinct. It is natural for the child to play with colored pencils and paint little pictures in watercolors, and then when it learns to read and write, to write little verses and little stories. Since at first sight, it seems easier to write than to paint, the child, as he/she grows older, is more apt to devote himself to writing. It is more amusing to invent than to copy.

The creative instinct reaches its height during the twenties and then, sometimes, because the affairs of life and the necessity of earning a living leave no room for its exercise, it grows feeble and dies.

But in many people, it continues to burden or enchant them. They become writers because of the compulsion within them.

Write for a cause, not for only money.

I am talking about the writers by born. Whatever they feel can draw accurately in their writings. Sometimes it becomes more delightful to read that vibrates the soul of the readers. They touch our hearts with words. We feel attached to the characters of their writings.

Gradually, we can feel them in us.

An example of writing causes,

Words Can Change Society

So, if a well-written article, novel, or drama can change our minds then it can change our so-called generous polite society too.

But why need change?

Ask yourself. Do you feel happy when you see a child crying for food, clothes, or home?

Why do you run only behind money or wealth when your relatives, your neighbors, and your society man deserves your attention to live a simple hunger-free life?

So, write for their financial freedom.

You can take it as social work.

Is blogging still worth it in 2023?

Blogging is still relevant and profitable in 2023. Now, these days; more than 409 million internet users read about 20 billion web pages monthly. That’s why 53% of writers and start-up entrepreneurs prioritize blogging as their primary publishing platform.

If you ask me then I must say, if you have the self-confidence to write something exceptional then you are constantly being exhorted to start blogs, build an audience, and thereby spread your message.

By Blogging, you can also have the opportunity to spread your content online or on social media, where readers can give you instant feedback.

You have the other option such as a printed book or e-book publishing too to publish your writings.

But the most profitable and risk-free method to publish your writings is to create a blog for free and publish whatever you want on it.

You can create a free WordPress.com account without a single dollar extra investment.

Just follow the instruction given below,

How to start a blog on WordPress blog for free and earn money staying at home.

Why start with a free WordPress Blog?

I recommend WordPress.com for new bloggers who are at the beginner stage right now.

Here is the reason I like it for the newbies.

Its have pre-installed WordPress CMS. You don’t need to register a domain name or install it on the hosting space.

No need to invest or buy anything to start a new blog using WordPress.com.

Don’t even need to think about the security of your blog because the WordPress.com system administrator will do that job for you.

Just create a WordPress.com account, and choose a subdomain with the ‘wordpress.com’ extension.

Select the first loading and professional-looking SEO-optimized WordPress Theme that you think perfectly matching with your blog niche.

That’s all. You’re now ready to start publishing your first article.

If you can publish your first blog post then you are ready enough to continue self-publishing uninterruptedly right from the first day of blogging.

Earn money blogging at WordPress.com!

You even have the opportunity to sell your printed book or e-book through your free WordPress blog too.

Personal blogging for beginners guideline

A blog gives you a voice!

We all have something to say, even if we don’t think of ourselves as writers or speakers.

A blog gives you a place, free from censorship.

You have the freedom to say what’s in your heart and find other people who connect with what you believe.

It’s a medium where you can publish your writings.

An online blog can spread your word to billions of people within a second.

Do you have the same feelings and guts?

If yes, then you are the right person who can create a successful blog.

Let’s take a deep look at these matters and find out a few more things to consider before starting a blog.

Why should I Start A Blog in 2023?

Why Should You Start A Blog in 2023
Why Should You Start A Blog in 2023

Express yourself to the best yourselves.

Start a blog to test your writing skills.

Write for your nation, national matters.

Give your opinion on national or international issues by writing a resourceful article in your blog.

As a human, you have some responsibility towards humanity.

So, you can write to grow awareness of humanity.

You can write about your own business for promoting it online too.

Yes, you heard right. You can write not only to fulfill your writing desire and spread your ideas but also for promoting your work, business, etc. through your blog.

Why should I start blogging in 2023?

I start blogging to get financial freedom in life.

Despite that, I try to ensure, that not only I but also my readers will be benefited from my blogging works.

Do you convince enough to decide on “why you should start a blog in 2023”?

If not then I will tell you a few more reasons why people make their blogs.

Why does Blogging Matter?

#1 Connecting people

A blog can be used as a platform to connect with new people through sharing articles or ideas. It helps to bring together people who feel the same passion with interest and think alike.

#2 Teaching people

You can start a blog and offer paid tutorial services.

Do you ever hear about Udemy? It’s an online learning platform aimed at professional adults and students, developed in May 2010. As of Jan 2020, the platform has more than 50 million students and 57,000 instructors teaching courses in over 65 languages.

I know you can think that you can’t do such kind of thing individually. But who knows the future. Keep self-confidence and start building your next online tutorial platform by staying at home and teaching people whatever you know the best.

If your followers find something exceptional study material on your platform then they will surely contact you for getting paid services.

#3 To grow the popularity

A blog can be used to gain popularity. You can see that politicians, performers, and entrepreneurs use blog media now these days to grow their popularity. So, if they can use it successfully then why can’t you do that thing too?

You just need to use digital marketing strategies properly to grow popularity through your blog successfully.

#4 Advertising and branding your product

A businessman always accepts those ideas which delivered profitable results. A blog can make profits too.

You can promote your business in front of millions of potential customers around the world which is logically impossible staying only in your business area.

Your clients can read interesting stories about your company’s success, ideas, strategies, and even new products that might turn them into regular paying customers.

It will open a realistic opportunity to convert your small business into a successful company.

Lots of small and big organizations did not use this method till now. But you can be benefited from it by using your blog.

#5 Sell products and services

You can use your blog as an e-commerce store just like Amazon, Alibaba, or eBay, and sell your products using it. Isn’t simple? Or, you can promote their product and services as an affiliate partner and earn a handsome amount of commission for the sale you generate through your blog.

Read this affiliate marketing with no up-front investments guideline for details about how to be an affiliate partner and how to earn a commission from the affiliate program.

You can offer value-added services in your blog too.

#6 Self-promotion or Freelance work

Use your blog as your portfolio site and showcase your skills-related works there. Promote yourself as an expert in a specific field.

You can represent your blog as a marketing channel of your own identity, product, or service.

Share your best works on a popular professional network like LinkedIn including freelancing marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Guru, etc.

In this way, you can attract buyers to hire you for their project.

On the other hand, you’ll be amazed to see how many people start to respect you. This will open a lot of doors to earning legitimate passive money online.

I see in many cases most successful bloggers are considered highly respected people in society within a very short time of their blogging career and start getting invitations to join seminars and symposiums to share their experience on blogging.

The most impressive thing is, that you can then earn a huge amount of money as a reward for participating in this kind of seminar.

#7 Find a new job

Tell people through your blog that you are available for a job.

#8 For helping others

You can help people by publishing informational or tutorial articles which helped others in many ways.

For example, if you are a registered doctor or medical professional, you can spread your knowledge and experience by helping your patients or followers from a remote position or staying at home through your blog.

If you are a teacher or professor or a vastly knowledgeable person in a specific field, you can keep in touch with your colleagues or students including other fellow persons around the world, and share or exchange your views, best works, and research articles through your blog.

#9 For a noble cause

A blog can be used for fund-raising for a specific cause such as The Novel Coronavirus 2019-2021 epidemic affected people or as a member of a non-government organization that is used for helping poor, needy, flood-affected, or environmental disaster-affected people.

#10 To gain knowledge in a specific field

Suppose, you start a blog about healthcare.

So, whenever you want to write a new article on a healthcare-related issue, you have to collect a few pieces of information based on your topic which you can use for your writing.

You have to read more, research, or learn more to write a better article.

In this way, you can get vast knowledge on a specific subject that you choose for blogging.

#11 To Represent Your Nation, Event, or Organization

You can start a blog to represent your national, international, or locally available heritage site.

You can also start a blog providing valuable information about a specific event or organization’s activity, works, or ideas.

#12 Make Money Online by Blogging

You must have heard that lots of professional bloggers are making a lot of money by just blogging.

Yes, it’s true, it’s possible.

How to start a blog for profit?

It’s not an easy task to do and it doesn’t come within a day too.

It takes time, patience, and lots of hard work.

But once you have enough readers, you will start making some small, yet passive income.

When time goes by and your blog gets at least 100 visitors per day, it will increase your income. The more your blog gets visitors, the more your amount of earnings will increase side by side.

I’m not only talking about a few hundred dollars a month, but many people also earn lots more beyond imagination from blogging.

If you take it seriously as your main business or service work then it can generate a huge amount of passive income.

Currently, millions of people are making 10K dollars a month by writing blogs.

Read “how to start a blog” for details to find the answer, “how to start a blog for profit” and apply it whenever necessary.

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