How To Start A Tech Blog?

Technical Writing for a blog is an incredible method to share your ability while building conceivably important reading material. You can also monetize your tech blog and use your blog for your market services and earn money from it. By making your technical blog more accessible and refining your blogging techniques you’ll soon become an expert in technical blog post writing.

Technical Blog posts have a huge fan base mostly because they are up to the mark and resourceful. To make a post or content technical you must know how to write content that is on-point and information-packed. By writing a technical blog you can also earn a good amount of money as well.

How to start a tech blog in 2023

In this article, I will guide you, on how to start a tech blog, write a unique piece of content for a technical blog, and also inform you on which website to post on and how to earn from it.

The best platform to start a tech blog

A blog is an incredible method to communicate your notions, make a web presence for your organization, and give substance to Internet clients. If you are interested in starting a tech blog and sharing your wisdom and knowledge to build your portfolio there are plenty of blogging platforms.

Some tech blog platforms are

#1 Wix – Wix is a famous blogging platform for the bloggers out there for creating stunning websites. It’s free of cost for starting a new blog in no time. It’s an ideal blogging platform with lots of new features that enhances blog posts.

Their drag-and-drop web designer offers an answer for independent companies to easily fabricate a site. You can also add a blog to your site by adding the Wix Blog application easily.

Advantages of Wix

I. Wix has all solutions to your problems.
II. User-friendly.
III. You can set up Wix quickly.
IV. No coding skills are required to build your site.
V. There are tons of templates for customizing your site.

Disadvantages of Wix

I. Sometimes the drag-and-drop designs limit your creativity of thoughts.
II. Third-party apps that are free of cost are limited.
III. The account services are limited.

#2 Gator – Gator is a website builder for blogs that facilitates quick setup for bloggers. You don’t have to pay for the pre-designed templates which will save up your money. Gator also offers a drag-and-drop option that will help you to build your blogs. Gator is a blogging platform created by HostGator so don’t confuse Gator with HostGator. Gator is a non-WordPress blog platform that might be helpful for your technical blog.

Pros of Gator

I. No technical issues and quick setup.
II. Free domain and SSL certificate that is included in paid plans.
III. You can add an online store to your domain as well.
IV. Blogs can be easily customized and also has an easy drag-and-drop builder.

Cons of Gator

I. No free account but the 45-day money-back guarantee is provided.
II. The number of apps and extensions is limited.
III. You’ll have to pay to add a store to your blog.

#3 – is not easy to composite and offers simple blog administrations for free, yet gives you exceptionally restricted power over how you can manage your site.

It’s a blog hosting service brought to you by Automattic. It’s a basic blog hosting service that is free of cost for tech bloggers as well. The additional options have to be purchased but it’s a good website for bloggers who don’t want to interact with advanced features.

Advantages of

I. Setup is not requisite.
II. Easily manageable and to use.
III. Backup and security are stored.

Disadvantages of

I. You cannot make money on ads on your free site.
II. The account you own isn’t yours and they can suspend it if you violate their laws.
III. Custom themes and plugins are limited.

#4 Medium – Medium was launched in 2012 and is a great blogging platform. Medium is very popular among writers, bloggers, journalists, and tech experts.

You can easily open an account and start writing your articles and presenting your point of view. If you are looking for monetizing your blog medium is not the platform for you. But you can create your portfolio of the published content.

Pros of Medium

I. No setup is required and easy to use.
II. The reporting feature helps you to connect with your readers and have a comprehended idea about your reader’s point of view.
III. Medium is a content-first kind of platform which helps you write and handle your design.

Cons of Medium

I. You cannot monetize your blog.
II. The control over your blog is limited.
III. If you lose your blog, you’ll lose all your followers in no time.

#5 Tumblr – Tumbler is a beginner-friendly and free-of-cost blogging website for newbies. To publish your content on Tumblr you just need to create a free account.

Tumblr is a microblogging platform with social networking manifesto for the users out there. It’s one of the most popular and easy blogging websites out there.

Pros of Tumblr

I. Easy to use & free of cost.
II. Has a coherent social media element.
III. Microblogging tool helps to format blog videos, GIFs, and images quickly.

Cons of Tumblr

I. Limited sets of features.
II. The themes of Tumblr don’t offer additional features.

#6 Blogger – Blogger is a free blogging platform brought to you by Google. Blogger is one of the most established blogging sources and requires a Google account to get started. It was launched in 1999 and later in 2003 redesigned as the Blogger platform we all know.

Advantages of Blogger

I. Free of cost.
II. Manageable; doesn’t require any technical skills.
III. You’ll get the advantage of Google’s security.

Disadvantages of Blogger

I. It’s an old platform and receives updates lately.
II. The customization of blogs is very limited.

These are some online platforms where you can publish your technical blog and earn the views of the audience.

How to write a good tech blog which equally remains unique?

The most popular niche in recent years is Tech. If you are tech-savvy then you can also start with your blogs.

The answers to all your questions are presented below:

#1 Find a good topic and concentrate on it

The topic you have chosen for your tech blog should be specific. Some topics you can focus on are:

A) Mobile review: Mobile technology is a nice option to focus on. You can choose a subcategory of ‘mobile’ and their latest tricks and tactics.

B) Tech product review: The topic you choose for your blog can be focused on a tech-based review which will include advice and specific data for specific tech products.

C) News and updates about tech: Your topic can be focused on news and updates about new and old tech products.

D) Tech guidance and observations: You can write your blog on the Tech guidance and observations that are exclusive to you only. This way you can articulate your views to the readers.

E) New tech guides and future tech products: Your writings can be focused on the future releases of tech and your guidance on trending tech products.

#2 Choose your tech niche carefully

Now it’s your job to choose your tech niche since tech is a very huge topic. A tech blog niche is a unique and specified topic you write in your blog post.

Choosing your niche actively and things that you are passionate about will help you stay focused on your content. You can also choose your niche on your knowledge, interest, wisdom, and experience to make your tech blog more resourceful.

Niches you can focus on,

  • Gadgets
  • Audio and audio tools
  • Photography and Videography
  • Desktop and Gaming Pc
  • Mobile Phones
  • Tech Repair and Hacks

#3 Project your attention to the readers and their points of views

Project your attention to the readers that will give your insight about the topic. Even if your chosen topic has been published before you shouldn’t let it go.

That should never stop you from writing your content because there is a lot of content out there and yours will be one of them.

#4 Set your goals according to your understanding of the topic and the audience

Set your goals as audience-centric. Never overwrite something that doesn’t concern your topic and always talk about important things that concern your content.

#5 Write the content with an introduction, a detailed middle part, and a conclusion

In the tech blog post, you are writing about you must have separate segments. You need to give a brief introduction that is information-packed. This part has to be small and resourceful. This will give the readers a brief idea about your content. The middle section needs to have what the audiences are looking for. The conclusion needs to be quick and a summary of the full blog post.

#6 Get some feedback and correct your content accordingly

Get some feedback from our friends and family. In this way, you will have to get an idea of your content’s popularity. This is the step where your suppositions about your theme, objectives, the subtleties of the post, and the design are truly put to the test.

#7 Edit your content

Edit your content and add some links after getting feedback from the readers. Revise your work and check to ensure everything is sound from a technical outlook and on the grammatical mistakes.

#8 Choose your blogging platform

We have mentioned some blogging platforms in this article you can choose any platform you like. You can choose the free platforms but it is good for you to choose a self-hosted platform that will have fewer drawbacks.

Our Recommended Web Hosting Platform – HostGator

Costs: ( $2.75 / Month )

#9 Choose a domain name for you

A domain name is a user name that will make your identity, a URL, or an internet address that helps your audience access your content. You must give your blog name as your domain name so that it’s easier to identify. Use your creativity while naming your domain.

Our Recommended Domain Name RegistrarNameCheap

Costs: ( .COM only $6.98 / Year )

#10 Monetize your content

You need to find a way to monetize your blog to earn money from it. You can run ads in your blog post if you want a high-traffic niche. But if you are more interested in reviewing products from different sites, affiliate marketing is the best option for you.

As your blog develops, you can approach or you’ll be drawn closer by loads of promoters and item proprietors for supported advertisements. You can likewise bring in a great amount of money from the supported promotions and posts you distribute on your site.

#11 Publish your content and promote it

After you publish your content, you should do some promotional stuff. Promote on free social media sites and share it with your friends and family. You can also add your tech blog post on Reddit and LinkedIn as well.

Important traits of a unique tech blog post

The tech blog you will write must be written after doing a lot of research. Authentic blogs are more acceptable than any plagiarized document.

Detail-oriented blogs must be written after a lot of research that will improve your writing and give you an idea about your topic as well. Technical contents require a lot of data and specific information.

It’s ideal to help thoughts with additional assets, statements, and studies. Connecting to significant sources supports the things you say in your blog entries and gives the audience a more noteworthy setting about the things you have considered.

To engage the readers in your article your introduction must be strong and creative. If you have written a lucrative article then the audience will be hooked on the article from the beginning.

The introduction should be compact and to the point. The introduction of your tech blog is your sales pitch to the audience.

If you have decided on your title and topic all by yourself there must be a reason for it. Insight knowledge about your content welcomes conversation and advanced discussions.

Your bits of knowledge likewise make posts seriously convincing and can draw individuals further into the understanding experience.

The tech blog posts you’ll be writing or have written must be written in easy language. The audience must understand the goal of your content. Your content must be audience-friendly.

If your content is readable, it has a high chance of being interesting to the audience. The paragraphs must be short and one paragraph must have one idea. You should also you bullets and points.

Great visual assistance goes far when attempting to get your thoughts across to audiences. Viewers are more attracted to visual aids than only writing. You can also use designs and charts to make your content attractive.

Your content should be published on almost every social media platform. It will make your content accessible to your readers. You can post your tech blogs on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

Don’t post your content immediately after writing it. You must quality-check your tech blog content. Do some proofreading, edit, and improve your blog post. Organizing your blog post is a step to successful content.

Blogging is easy but takes time to get reach. Tech blogging has a lot of competition despite that there are not enough blogs about it.

Technology changes with time and of which tech blogs are always in demand. If your sources are right and high-quality then the contents will be more acceptable.

In this “A guide to writing a unique tech blog in 2023” – article everything about writing a unique tech blog is written. If you have reached this far you have gained knowledge about how you can write a unique tech blog in 2023.

If you are a beginner or a part-time content writer you can start up your tech blogs. So, if you are looking for guidance here’s a nudge to that!

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