How does Facebook marketing increase business sales?

If you want to start marketing on Facebook or are interested to know about it then this article is for you. Because in this article I tried my best to discuss some of the best tips and tricks that are essential for success in marketing on Facebook.

What to do before starting Facebook marketing?

The first step in starting marketing or promoting a brand name or product on Facebook is to create a Facebook page.

Create a new Facebook Page.

Use the same name of your brand, organization, or product which you want to promote on Facebook as your Facebook page name.

You can use an old existing Facebook page to promote your brand.

In that case, do not change the name of an old Facebook page because it will change or destroy your existing Facebook Page’s authority and SEO ranking.

You have to accept another rule to manage a Facebook page in this condition. It will not be possible to change much including the URL link of the page which can create a problem to attract more people.

You don’t just have to create a Facebook page. You have to give it an interesting look.

After creating a Facebook page, do the following works to attract visitors.

Add a nicely edited profile photo and cover photo.

Set the URL link of the page to match the content of your marketing.

Set your Facebook Page URL link as short as possible. Because shorter URLs liked ranked easily on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Write something briefly about your Facebook Page creating purpose in the description box.

Turn on the review system.

Don’t make your product boring to people.

Generally, people don’t come to see someone’s advertisement or promotion of a product on Facebook. They visit Facebook to connect with friends and relatives and share their thoughts and daily activities.

If a marketer is constantly giving ‘Buy this product’ or ‘Visit this website’ type status, then naturally the common man will get annoyed with it and will not look at those statuses that way.

So, if you promote the product by saying the same thing over and over again throughout the day, you will not see much profit.

Instead, try to gain the trust of visitors. Because they are the persons who are supposed to be your potential customer.

So, behave with them in a friendly manner on Facebook. It is possible to get good results with this attitude.

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In this case, the question may come,

What are the ways to gain the trust of Facebook users?

Easy Answer –

Always stop trying to sell products directly. I mean, don’t always talk about the ‘buy this product type’, but also the ‘why buy this product type’.

Give people a chance to comment on your posts.

Reply to everyone’s messages and comments.

The answer must be elegant and descriptive. Do not answer in one word.

If someone tells you about a problem, try to solve it with professionalism.

Participate in discussions if you see a group or page discussing topics that match your product. After a while, you start tactically talking about your product.

Set specific goals and plan accordingly.

It is important to have specific goals and plans for any task. But in the case of Facebook marketing, these two things are more important.

Before you start marketing on Facebook, you have to think about how much profit you are expecting from Facebook marketing. And what steps do you need to take for this?

For example, suppose you are an ordinary shopkeeper. The main purpose of your Facebook marketing is to increase the number of customers in the store.

You expect Facebook marketing to increase store sales by 60% in the next month.

If you expect that, you must be disappointed. Because achieving such a big success in the first month is not an easy task.

An ideal example of anticipation and planning can be –

Suppose you are a general shopper, in which case you have to set a goal in line with the reality of Facebook marketing (for example, to increase the sales volume by 40% in the next six months).

Publish pictures of different products and something interesting about it every day.

And also the pictures of different activities like; how happy to see your shoppers are at the time of buying products from your store.

Encourage buyers to rate it on their Facebook page after purchasing products from your store.

Give different coupons to Facebook users to check if your marketing efforts are playing a role in increasing sales.

Give regular status of the products on the Facebook page

According to a statistic run on Indians, Facebook users spend an average of one hour a day on Facebook. And in the middle of this one hour, they spend more than half the time scrolling through the timeline.

So, always try to keep the touch with your product in their timeline. Post regularly.

Of course, the type of post must be varied. Otherwise, it will not take long for users to ‘unfollow’.

If you can’t post neatly, you can hire someone skilled.

Be sure to note the status –

Don’t stop after publishing just one post about a single product. Post a product review again in a different way after a few days of the same product.

Be sure to add interesting and relevant pictures to the status or post. Many people may be attracted to the picture at first and then start reading the description later.

Don’t post too much daily. The best practice is to post at least 1 time a day for marketing.

When posting pictures, you must include your own company or individuality patterns.

Suppose you post a picture of your product on a Facebook page. Lots of visitors liked it and downloaded the picture and shared it with friends.

If one of those friends likes it, how can he communicate with you easily?

He must first see if the seller has any watermark in the picture.

So add your company or your identity to the picture or add a sign so that anyone can easily find you.

Occasionally Give Discounts on Different Products

Who doesn’t like discounts? The slightest word “Get the discount” is enough to catch anyone’s eye.

Big companies sometimes offer discounts on their special products. Everyone prefers to buy a $ 200-priced product for $50 instead of $180 – $200.

Who doesn’t love to buy the best thing at the cheapest price available on the market!

So occasionally give discounts on products. You can also give a discount across the condition without giving a direct discount.

For example –

Sometimes you can take different contests with the slogan, “The winners will get a great discount as a prize!”

Promote your Facebook page

Sadly, according to Facebook’s algorithm, posts made by ordinary pages reach only 50-60 percent of the total followers or less in the timeline.

So, promote your page by using Facebook Ads to reach more people with your product.

In the case of Facebook, the method of promoting the page is very simple and common. When promoting, it is possible to determine the age, region, or gender of the page to reach.

If you do not have the financial means to promote the page, choose another route.

How? Use these steps to promote your Facebook page manually.

  • Invite everyone on your friend list to like your page. Encourage them to share it with their friends and colleagues too.
  • Add a link to your Facebook page on your business website, social media profile, and professional account profile page too.
  • Use the URL link of your Facebook page as your email signature.
  • Write something informative review with product descriptions and page links in different groups.

Final Words

There is no substitute for patience when it comes to achieving success through increasing business sales using Facebook marketing. It will take time. But, if you can keep your patience and follow the method described above; hopefully you can find your desired success path as soon as you expected.

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