How to Get Visitors to a New Blog (Even If You Don’t Know Where to Begin)

Blogging is a simple way of expressing your opinions and thoughts, and by doing that, you are attracting people to read it and follow you regularly. In this article, I discuss a few effective ways to get visitors to your new blog which will guide you to achieve success through blogging.

It doesn’t matter if you are a personal blogger or promote your business or even write political opinions. Still, by blogging, you are establishing an audience for yourself, and it can dramatically increase.

According to Rick Burnes of HubSpot, blogging regularly can get content creators 55% more audiences than usual. Let me give you another example. According to Daily Infographic, three years ago, Huffington Post’s blog earned 14 million US dollars in profit based monthly.

But here’s the catch, you have to get the audience, and for that, you have to follow a few steps while writing content for your blogs.

At some point, every business owner who used blogs to promote or any personal bloggers faced difficulties in getting readers. That’s called a “blog traffic jam.” Sometimes you get tired and frustrated when you see that you aren’t getting heard.

We, writers, would like to get traffics magically, don’t we? But life isn’t that simple.

How To Get Traffic To Your New Blog?

Before giving you a suggestion, here are some things to fix before establishing a new blog.

  • Your motive for getting more traffic: If you intend to earn money only or get famous instead of trying to help people or be an asset, you better quit writing now. Because then, whatever you will write will be poor and vague. People will eventually stop reading your content. Check out the next point.
  • Don’t be self-centric; people want your view about them and other things, not about yourself: If you want to write about your personal experience, make sure you don’t sound like a self-obsessed guy and make yourself look like some Hollywood star of blogging. Instead of that, aim to be an asset to others even through your blogging because if you do that, people will eventually follow you, and you’ll be a blog star anyway.

Now, there are several ways to get more traffic to your new blog. Let us jump into that, shall we?

Performing Keyword Research Wisely

Keyword research is an important tool when it comes to blogging. You can write about one specific topic in-depth in which people are not interested much. So, in that case, it won’t matter even if you write well.

There are several keyword research tools you can use. Some of those are Ubersuggest, Semrush Keyword Overview, Google Search Console, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, etc. You can use these tools to find out several particular keywords monthly.

The strategy is to figure out the phrases you want to use in your content, which will generate a lot of traffic. Once you have figured out your keyword, you have to ensure the title, body paragraphs, and in-depth info on the topic.

Don’t fear SEO; Embrace it

Nowadays, many bloggers get anxious when they hear the term “SEO”. Search Engine Optimization is a really easy method that can help you generate organic traffic to your new blog if you use it correctly.

There are several ways you can optimize your blog for Search Engine Optimization.

#1 First and foremost, your exclusive content should be based on the previous point I mentioned. To make your content easier to find through SEO, you must research the most common and crucial keywords.

#2 The main motive of SEO is to show relevant content based on search queries. And what is the first thing that readers notice before clicking the blog? THE TITLE! Yes, that’s right. It is important to use one of the keywords in your blog’s title because it is the first element of your blog, which will help identify the relevancy of your content by the search engine.

#3 Internal linking is one of the most important parts of SEO. If you link one of the web pages in your blog, it will assist the readers in navigating other websites, which will increase engagement. Also, if other websites share your article, it can ensure a link back to your blog’s site.

Do not use strong vocab words which are difficult to read by the readers. It will also hamper the ranking factor for search engines.

You can use smaller paragraphs, easy words as well as bullet points. It is also necessary to maintain a hierarchy when you are using headings. Like, use H1 for the main heading and H2 for the subheading.

Promote your content on social media

In this modern era, there is no doubt that social media is the main source of generating more traffic than any place for bloggers. It is far ahead of traditional media when it comes to driving traffic to your new blog.

But first, you have to understand the social media sites you are using to promote your blogs.

How To Get Traffic To Your New Blog Using Social Media?


It’s a site for entertainment for young people. If you target a millennial-based audience for your content, you should post the direct link and then submit your content and make sure the contents are good so that users give upvotes more than downvotes. If you get more upvotes, you will get a lot of traffics.

Pinterest and Instagram

Instagram has much more users than Pinterest, but both of these social media have a similarity in promoting your content to get traffic. Both are visual-based platforms, but it doesn’t mean you can share the text-based blog on Instagram. You have to use more visual effects and pictures and add info there while sharing the link to your blog.

It will draw a lot of traffic to your new blog because writing the headline of your content in an amazing font on the picture will attract many people to click who gets attracted.


If you are a blogger focused on microblogging, this is the perfect site for you to promote your blogs to get traffic. It is also a multimedia post-based platform. The WordPress blog can help you create a button to share on this site. So, if you have this, it will be even more beneficial to you.


This site is for teenagers and mostly millennials. You can post a picture of writing the blog and then share the link. You have to create interesting blogs as well as snap a nice picture while sharing the direct link.

Facebook and Twitter

These two sites have the most users than any other social media, and here, people of all ages exist. So, whatever your content is, you can pin your blog to your page or profile, which will help you get audiences, but you have to share your blogs in different Facebook groups with a larger audience, which will give you the traffic.

On the other hand, hashtag on Twitter has always played a major role in getting audiences. Use it while sharing your blogs on Twitter.


It has almost 500 million users. It has built a society where everyone can promote business, talk about anything related to jobs and business, and help to find a job. So, if your content is based on business-related topics and technology, you can share your blogs or write an article there (LinkedIn provides an option for that).

You can also promote your blogs on Quora and wherever you post; if you can understand the social media sites well, it will surely become the biggest way to get the most traffic to your new blog.

Invite guest bloggers to your website

How to get traffic to a new blog by inviting guest bloggers to your website? To find out the answer; you have to consider the things described below.

>> Writing blogs is one form of art if you can catch it smoothly. Recently many bloggers, especially business bloggers, invite guest bloggers, which can help them to get more traffic to their new blogs.

It would help you if you did that too. Because –

You have your style, and if you keep writing exactly like that, the blog site may turn kind of vague, and readers may lose interest. So, to keep it fresh and unique, you need to deliver a new and different style of content that will Google searches to point out your website. And to do that, you need to hire guest bloggers.

Inviting guest bloggers means inviting different tests. They have unique skills and styles of writing. It’s okay to have your style but check their skills, try to learn it as well as embrace it. That’s called diversity, and you need it to get a lot of traffic to a new blog.

Every blogger’s website has different strengths than yours, and some of them have powerful followers. If you invite those bloggers as guests to write on your website, you invite their followers to come and see your website.

And your audience will also check those guest bloggers’ sites. It is called mutual boosting, and it is effective when it comes to getting more traffic to a new blog.

Use SEM strategies to increase blog traffic

Firstly, you need to understand what SEM is and how it is different than SEO. SEM’s full form is Search Engine Marketing, and it makes sure that your website is more visible to people. Unlike SEO, SEM doesn’t use organic methods to get more traffic. It uses paid strategies to get more traffic. That is why it is called PPC (pay-per-click) marketing.

It will help you be visible in Google searches; in some cases, more than SEO because it is paid. It has a requirement to know your readers, and it will drive a lot of traffic to your new blog.

So, these are the basic things you need to do to get more traffic to a new blog. But it doesn’t stop there. You need to know in-depth about research keyword tools, which ones are cheap or free, and which give you the results.

The same goes for figuring out SEM strategies in-depth. It would help if you also did things like getting a high-quality backlink either through guest blogging or off-page SEO.

You can not replicate but modify competitors’ best backlinks and sometimes use create backlinks with the help of infographics too. Best of luck out there in the field of writing.

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